Contact Information

Contact Information

Please do not send solicitation requests to the contacts listed below. Solicitation requests, of any kind, will not receive a response.

If you have a question or concern that relates to corporate governance, you may contact Humana’s Board of Directors and address such matters by completing the required form.

If you have a concern related to your health benefits or insurance coverage with Humana, or other operational matters, then you should visit the Customer Support page to voice that concern.
To order printed materials, or request additional investor-related information, complete an information request.

Investor Relations

Lisa M. Stoner
Vice President, Investor Relations
Humana Inc.
Phone: (502) 580-2652

Shareholder Information

Contact Shareholder Relations or our Stock Transfer Agent for any name and address changes, transfer of stock certificates, the consolidation of accounts, historical and current share balances and certificate issuance dates.

Shareholder Relations

Corporate Secretary
Humana Inc.
500 West Main Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Stock Transfer Agent

Equiniti Trust Company, LLC
ATTN: EQ Shareholder Services
PO Box 64874
St. Paul, MN 55164-0874
Phone (800) 937-5449